In October 2018 we held our first exhibition to showcase our work, at CICIC in Taunton.  Many of our members have exhibited quilts before, including at Festival of Quilts, but it was the first time for others.  

Bon Voyage, In the Kitchen and Vintage Notions by Kerry Green, Denise Gould’s Highland Cow, Fiona Pullen’s Moon Gazing Hare and Sarah Ashford’s Trellis Blues
Curled by Charlie Mankin, Watch the Birdie by Kerry Green, Hug Away the Blues by Kate Webber
Quilter by Sarah Ashford and Charlie Mankin
Caernarfon by Mary Emmens
Look by Charlie Mankin, Under the Thumb by Melanie Turbitt, Hello Kitty by Sarah Ashford
Where has my Shirt Gone? No.2 by Joan Herrington, Mya’s Rainbow by Lesley Wilkins
Hexylish Allsorts by Valerie Hartley,
Caernarfon by Mary Emmens, Round & Round & Round by Kerry Green,
Glow Hugs by Kate Webber
Dollar by Debby Standfast, Under the Stars by Melanie Turbitt

This was our Rainbow Challenge – a ‘quilt’ made from mini quilts. We were given a bundle of rainbow fabric and asked to make a 12″ by 12″ quilt. It was fascinating to see what everybody made, and the different styles produced.

Some of the Rainbow Challenge entries

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